Ok Coach Confession

Ok Coach Confession – maybe not confession but truth. Long Post Alert
I know a lot of you notice me working out and I love it. Well these last 2 weeks allergies, sinus infections, ear infections and strep has invaded our house. I did not have all of that but between us all we did. I tried to workout and I couldn’t breathe and it made me cough really bad. What did I do?
I listened to my body and gave it rest. Sometimes our body has a different plan than our mind. I knew if I was going to get better I needed to rest. I hated it but I did it. Today has been the first time in those 2 weeks that I felt like I could do something so I tried our new program You V2. Think sweatin to the oldies but a tad updated. I just sweated for 30 mins, had a blast, laughed at myself but I did it. I’m gonna keep at it until Monday and then restart week 5 of my program. I’m not giving up and this isn’t beating me.
I would love to get you started and have you be doing this with me. Hate doing it alone. #striveforprogress #notperfection #keepmoving