As many of you know I recently completed the 3 day refresh from beachbody. I had others joining me as well.
It is HARD but, manageable. In my opinion I do not like having to cut out so much FOOD and replace it with shakes and fiber sweep drinks. I do love me some shakeology for a snack and/or meal replacement at times though! In the picture below is the food I ate every day for three days with a slightly larger serving size for lunches. On day three I was feeling bloated and backed up!! My body did not like the adjustment. This is not the case for some though. I did lose 3.5lbs (in 3 days) which I wasn’t doing this to lose the weight. I wanted to kick my bad food habits to the curb and feel refreshed. It did help with my bad food habits as I tend to want all fresh food right now but, my body felt terrible. I do not know if it was the combination of trying to follow the refresh plan and also working overnight Tuesday (eating and awake schedule messed up) when my body is use to sleeping but, I woke up on day three nauseated and absolutely starving!!
Like I mentioned, this does not happen to everyone and many people I know have had great results. I just want to let you know, not all things that seem so great are for everyone!!
I will still recommend all beachbody products. I love them as a company and will continue to coach with them. By the way……