#TransformationTuesday shoutout goes to our brand new ISABODY Challenge winner

#TransformationTuesday shoutout goes to our brand new ISABODY Challenge winner…. HELEN!!
Enjoy your $25,000!!
Helen Costa-Giles epitomizes selflessness and contribution. As a mother, coach, and career woman, she was spreading herself thin, and her constant stress and busy schedule began to weigh on her.
“I lost myself and my spark,” Helen says. “I didn’t have the balance between family and work. I’ve always been a very energetic person, and I started to lose all of that.”
Helen found herself gaining weight and neglecting her own health, but in her mind, she thought this was just how it had to be.
After a visit to her doctor for her annual checkup, Helen realized how badly her health was being affected. She was headed down a road of chronic health issues and decided she needed to make a change.
Helen started with our Nutritional program and the Fitness Challenge and immediately began to feel a difference. ⬆️She felt her energy return, and she started to lose the extra weight⬇️
After releasing 90 pounds,* and gaining an impressive amount of lean muscle, Helen is a different person. Not only is she the mother she has always wanted to be, Helen now has the time and energy to volunteer in her community and work her full-time job, and she is the 2017 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner!